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Claimant Handbook

Tips for Requesting Your Benefit Payments

  • Remember your PIN.  If you wish to change your PIN to protect your claim, go online at or call the Claims Processing Center. Entering your PIN incorrectly 3 times will suspend your access, and you will need to contact the Claims Processing Center to have it reset.
  • If you realize you have made an error, you can resubmit your information that day prior to 6:00 pm or any time on a weekend or holiday, or call the Claims Processing Center during business hours.


    To stop your benefits, just stop filing bi-weekly request for payment. Your claim becomes inactive and is available to reactivate until the benefit year ends.

    Your claim will close and no further payments will be processed, if, for any 2 weeks in a row:
  • You worked 40 hours or more, or worked all your customary hours.
  • You earned twice your weekly benefit amount or more.
  • You didn’t file your request for payment for two weeks in a row.
  • You answered “NO” to the question, “Do you want to file for this week?”
  • Any combination of the above.

    To reactivate your claim, go on-line at or call the Claims Processing Center. You must reactivate during the first week you are unemployed or your hours are reduced. Payments are not made until after your bi-weekly filing.

    To restart your claim, you can reactivate on or call the Claims Processing Center. If you have worked since you last received benefits, you will be asked for the employer name and dates you worked. You should reactivate in the first week you are off work. You can not file a bi-weekly request unless you reactivate your claim first.


    If you need to allow another person to receive your claim letters, or assist or act on your behalf on your claim, contact the Claims Processing Center to name a Claimant Agent. A Customer Service Representative will explain the rules and send you a form for your designation. Allowing another person to act on your behalf or access your claim without first completing the designation form could result in a denial of benefits and/or fraud penalties.


  • Direct deposit of your unemployment insurance payment is strongly encouraged.  It is a quick, convenient and secure way to receive your benefits and you get your money much faster than by mail. Most banks post your deposit within two days of the payment creation. (Please note: Direct Deposit takes two days from the clear date shown on our claim in before funds are released into your account.)
  • Once your claim is closed, it is recommended you go to and de-activate Direct Deposit.
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