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Claimant Handbook


You are the only one who can file for your benefits. Allowing another person to have access to your PIN and file for you is considered fraud.

Request payment:
  • On-line at
      > The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    When you go on-line to request payment of benefits, you will be asked questions for each of the weeks you request payment.

    You are strongly encouraged to file via which allows you to review your answers, earnings, etc. to eliminate possible errors and delays in benefits.


    Below are the questions you will be asked when completing your regular claim filing along with information for each question. Having these pages on hand when you file will help reduce errors that could delay payments.

    Remember to file for benefits within 7 days of the last week ending date of your filing period. If you don't file within this time, you will be ineligible for benefits that week.

    You will be asked the following questions for each week you file for UI benefits:

    Do you want to file for week ending ...?
    Means you wish to receive benefits and worked less than your customary hours. If you worked full-time you cannot receive benefits.
    Did you quit or get fired from a job this week?
      Quit or fired means you left a job for a reason other than a reduction in hours or a layoff due to lack of work.
    Did you take time off or miss scheduled work for any reason this week?
      "Yes" means that during the week claimed, you took time off from work or missed work for any reason other than a reduction in hours by the employer.
    "No" means you accepted all work available during this week.
    Did you look for work this week?
      "Yes" means you made your required work search contacts this week and you will be asked to provide information on the business you contacted.
      "No" means you did not look for a job this week. You will be asked for your job or union attachment information, or you will need to explain why you did to look for work. If you are uncertain of your work search requirements, refer to page 6 or contact the Claims Processing Center.
    If work had been available, were you physically and mentally able to work?
      Able to work means you had no physical or mental condition that would have prevented you from working or accepting work.
    Were you available to work this week?
      You are available if you could have worked the hours and days normal for your occupation, had transportation to get to work, had child care available if needed, etc. Available for work means you are ready and willing to accept "suitable work". If you are job or union attached, you must be ready and willing to return to work when notified by your employer or union.
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