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Claimant Handbook

Important information about your Unemployment
Insurance(UI) Rights and Responsibilities is included in
this handbook.

check mark You are responsible for reading this handbook and knowing the information it contains.
check mark Failure to keep your address current may result in disqualification.  UI mail is not forwarded by the Post Office.
check mark You will be held responsible for any false information you provide during your benefit claim.
check mark After you have read this handbook, if you have questions, you can refer to our website or call the Claims Processing Center.  Unemployment Insurance Laws and Rules are available at this website.
You can also send a question to a Customer Service Representative by going to and clicking on"Ask UI".
check mark For the latest UI information, go online to Videos and audio tips are updated regularly. Special Program and other information is posted here and updated as they change.


Program integrity is the #1 focus of the UI Division. We want to improve program integrity by reducing improper payments. An improper payment of UI benefits means that a claim for benefits was paid in error. An improper payment can result when inaccurate information is provided by the claimant or employer, or when information is not received by the state UI office in a timely manner. Do your part to reduce your risk of an improper payment by reporting information in an accurate and timely manner.

Fraud affects everyone. If you suspect a business or an individual is committing fraud, please contact us by email at; by fax at (406) 444-6651; or by phone at (406) 444-1709.

Unemployment Insurance provides temporary financial assistance
to eligible workers and is not based on financial need.
UI benefits are funded by employer taxes.
No money is deducted from your paycheck for these benefits.


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