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Welcome to the Unemployment Insurance Division

Please keep your mailing address current with our office since UI correspondence is not forwarded by the  US Postal Service.  Your benefits will be stopped if any UI correspondence sent to you is returned to our office as undeliverable

UI eServices for Employers went live February 24, 2014. We encourage employers to use UI eServices to file and pay their Unemployment Insurance taxes, register their business, update their account information, and much more. Go to Have your last filed quarterly report and 2014 tax rate information on hand to help in accessing your account. For more information about UI eServices, go to

December 1, 2014 UPDATE

Beginning December 1, 2014 claimants will have access to our updated version of the Claimant Handbook on our Unemployment Insurance webpage. To access the handbook, click on the Claimant Handbook on the right side of this page under ONLINE SERVICE FEATURES or click either the “About UI” or “Filing a Claim” tab at the top of this page. The handbook is your resource for answering questions about your rights and responsibilities regarding your unemployment insurance claim. Please refer to the handbook if you have questions – most questions can be answered from this resource.

If you file a claim on UI4U, the links from this application to the new handbook will be in place soon. Until the direct links to the handbook are operational, please refer to the updated handbook on this webpage.
March 4, 2014 - UPDATE

EUC Progam Ends Unemployment Benefit “Phishing” Scams on the Web

It is vital that Montana claimants stay properly informed concerning their claims for benefits.  Bogus sites that have been seen by claimants have the website addresses: “”, “” or “”. These are not websites endorsed by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry or the Federal government.  Montanans are strongly urged not to register at this site and ignore any emails they may receive with any of these extensions in the address.
Claimants should only use the official website,, developed and controlled by the State of Montana, for conducting unemployment insurance claim or employer business.

Some websites will claim to have updated federal information and can look very official. Sites may ask for registration information and also allege to assist in helping expedite claim processing and the receipt of benefits or offer credit reports.  These sites mislead and extract information from people anxious about information concerning their claims and are not endorsed by the State of Montana.

The only official site for Montanans to use to get accurate information concerning Montana UI, and file a claim, is at  Any other sites purporting to have better information, or asking for registration, are not official and should not be trusted or used.

Getting a busy signal when you call the Claims Processing Center?

We understand the frustration this can cause and encourage using our online services to avoid this issue.

Phones at the Claims Processing Center are....

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