Goals and Objectives

2015 Biennium Unemployment Insurance Division Goals and Objectives

Goal #1: Strive to meet or exceed performance standards. Objective:

  1. 87% of first payments will be issued within 21 days after the compensable week begins.
  2. 86.7% of all intrastate first payments for full weeks will be issued within 21 days.
  3. 80% of separation and non ‐ separation determinations will be issued within 21 days of the detection date.
  4. 75% of separation and non ‐ separation determinations must achieve a quality score of greater than 80 points.
  5. No more than three tax functions may fail the Tax Performance Standards (TPS) review in a given year.
  6. No single tax function may fail the TPS review more than three consecutive years.
  7. 86.90% of new employer status determinations are made within 90 days of the end of the calendar quarter in which they became liable.
  8. 95% of employer reports are secured within 90 days of the date due.
  9. 95% of employer Unemployment Insurance (UI) contributions are deposited within one day of receipt.
  10. Pass federal audit performance criteria each year.
  11. Accounts receivable, as a percent of total tax due, is less than 2% (average)
  12. All contribution rates are assigned properly.

Goal #2: Continue to leverage and encourage use of technology. Objective:

  1. Design, develop and implement a modernized UI Tax System.
  2. Continue to encourage the use of Internet wage reporting system and employer registration and account access system.
  3. Continue to encourage the use of Internet claim filing system.
  4. Continue to keep relevant information on our UI web home page and continue to encourage claimants and employers to use this home page as a useful source.
  5. Continue to encourage usage of direct deposit of unemployment benefit checks.

Goal #3: Develop program efficiencies that improve service to customers and partners. Objective:

  1. Continue to develop and analyze processes to improve customer access.
  2. Conduct Assistance to Business Clinics each year to provide UI benefit and tax information to employers.
  3. Provide Rapid Response services to employers and employees when large layoffs occur.
  4. Continue to develop training and guides so that consistent information is provided to our customers.

Goal #4: Develop integrity strategies to prevent and detect improper benefit payments. Objective:

  1. Develop and implement an integrity plan each year.
  2. Continue to educate staff, employers, and claimants to assist in preventing improper benefit payments.
  3. Continue to improve upon policies and procedures to prevent, detect, and collect improper benefit payments.
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