Some PUA Claimants Can Re-Certify for Some Previously Denied Weeks

  • — July 23 2021

On Thursday July 22, 2021 the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, in compliance with federal directives from the CARES Act, notified Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Claimants they can re-certify for some previously denied weeks on PUA Claims. In February 2021, USDOL released modifications to the weekly certification questions and asked states to offer claimants the opportunity to retroactively re-certify.

Three new questions were added, or language clarified:

  1. A question was added for individuals who refused to return to work that is unsafe or accept an offer of new work that is unsafe. 
  2. A new question was added for certain individuals providing services to educational institutions or educational service agencies. 
  3. A question was modified for Individuals experiencing a reduction of hours or a temporary or permanent lay off. 
Claimants were sent email notifications or mailed notifications, depending on their preferred method of communication,  instructing them to re-certify if they were impacted by these changes with the appropriate response for each applicable week. These certification opportunities will be available for a limited time frame. PUA staff will be reviewing the new information to determine eligibility. For questions or assistance contact the PUA Call Center at (406) 444 – 3382.
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