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Schedule of Contribution Rates

If you are a private, for-profit employer, your tax rate is based on the contribution rate schedule and your experience rating history. The Contribution Rate Schedule determines the range of contribution rates assigned to all employers each calendar year ...Read More

Contribution Rates & Wage Base

An employer’s unemployment insurance (UI) contribution rate is based on each year’s Schedule of Contribution Rates and the employer’s experience rating history. ...Read More

New Employer Industry Rate

A “new employer” is an employer who: has not been a covered employer throughout the entire three fiscal years ending September 30, 2018 (October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2018) and has paid more in contributions than the amount of benefits charged to the employer’s account. ...Read More

Rate Insert

The rate schedule for each calendar year is based on the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund balance as of October 31, divided by the total wages paid to all employees covered under Unemployment Insurance for the previous state fiscal year. ...Read More

Registration Information

Who pays Unemployment Insurance taxes? Employers pay state unemployment insurance (UI) taxes. If you are an employer subject to the UI law, you are a “covered” employer ...Read More

New Employer Information

The first two paragraphs in this section applies to new employers who are classified as “experience rated” for Unemployment Insurance purposes. Most employers in Montana are ...Read More

Reportable Wages and Employment

What do I have to report as wages on my Unemployment Insurance quarterly wage report? The term wages is defined in section 39-51-201(23)(a) MCA. “Wages means all remuneration ...Read More

Tax Rates

What UI taxes does an employer pay? It depends. There are four types of covered employers: “new” employers, experience-rated employers,reimbursable employers, and state and local ...Read More

Payments and Reports

As a covered employer for Unemployment Insurance, you must keep payroll records and file the quarterly report (UI-5) and make timely payment of UI Contributions. We strongly ...Read More


How will I know if my report or payment will be on time? If you mail the report or payment on the due date, it is very important that you find out when mail will be postmarked ...Read More

Benefit Eligibility and Charging

What Do I Do With This Unemployment Insurance Claims Form? The UI division may make a number of requests to employers related to the unemployment claims process when one of their ...Read More

Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

If I declare bankruptcy, do I still have to pay my Unemployment Insurance taxes? Yes, if you declare bankruptcy, you are still required to pay Unemployment Insurance taxes ...Read More

Electronic Services

Montana Unemployment Insurance offers online and electronic services for employers. Employers and their authorized representatives interested in electronic filing or payment ...Read More

Integrity Activities

Ensuring integrity of the UI program is a joint responsibility of employers and the Montana Unemployment Insurance Division. In order to maintain a viable program, it is important ...Read More

Contact Information

Located across Montana, the following individuals provide reporting forms and employer tax assistance. Please call or write them with your questions ...Read More

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