Printable Forms

Commonly used Montana UI  forms are available for download.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these forms and can be downloaded free if you do not already have the software.

Printable Forms for Claimants

  • If you misplaced or did not receive your 1099-G tax form, you can print a copy online by logging into your UI account.  

    UI Claimant Center

    Last Updated 5/3/21
  • UI claimants are required to report hours worked and earnings received during the week when requesting payment of UI benefits.  Refer to page 26 of the Claimant Handbook.  This worksheet can help you keep track, making it easier to report when you request your weekly payment. 

    Hours & Earnings Worksheet

    Last Updated 5/3/21
  • UI claimants are required to make an active, good faith effort to secure employment each and every week. For more information on the work search requirement for UI, refer to page 24 of the Claimant Handbook. This worksheet will help you keep track of the attempts you make. 

    Work Search Record

    Last Updated 5/3/21

Printable Forms for Employers

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