Work Search Requirements

UI recipients must actively seek employment to receive benefits.  Work searches must be documented.

    • Make an active, good faith effort to secure employment each and every week for which benefits are claimed.
    • Register and remain actively registered with your local Job Service by logging into your account
    • Be actively applying for work and make appropriate employer contacts each week.
      • You must make one work search contact per week, the contact must be made within the week for which benefits are being claimed and on the days of the week when hiring is normally done.
      • You must apply for a job by completing a job application or submitting a resume.
      • All contacts must be made with a person who has hiring authority.
      • The same employer may not be used for two (2) consecutive weeks, unless requested by the employer.
      • Seeking self-employment does not meet your work search requirements.
      • Work search contacts must be for work you are willing and qualified to do; in a location you are willing to work.
      • Maintain a detailed record of your applications/work searches with employers each day you apply for work.
      • Your work search records must include the business name, the person contacted, date of contact, the position you applied for, the telephone number of the business, the URL if an internet application, and the result of the contact.  For your convenience, a work search log is provided in the Claimant Handbook.
      • Be able to produce your work search records when requested by the State of Montana.
      • Keep the record of your work search contact for 3 years in case your claim is selected for an audit.
    • You may not be required to register for work with Job Service or seek work while in training.
    • You must register, be actively seeking work, and record work searches if training has ended, is not in session, or you do not attend for 30 days.
    • You are not required to register for work with Job Service.
    • You must remain in contact with your employer or union hiring hall.
    • If Union attached, your dues must be current AND you must be on the out-of-work list.
    • Job and Union attachment is verified by the Division.
    • You must register with Job Service, be actively seeking work and record work searches if job or union attached status ends or cannot be verified.
    • Be sure your Job Service registration is current by logging into your account online at or call your Employment Specialist. Check with your Job Service Office at least every 90 days to take advantage of their help in your job search. Cross matches of information are done to see that you are registered with Job Service.
    • Make sure you are making at least one or more telephone, personal, or internet contacts with different potential employers, who are accepting applications or resumes, each week. Simply reading ads and identifying potential employers is NOT considered an active work search.
    • Keep copies of confirmations of applications/resumes submitted electronically to employers.
    • The Agency will conduct verification of work contacts, job attachment, union attachment and approved training.
    • Registering with a temporary hiring agency can only be considered a work contact for the week in which you initially sign up with the temp agency. Registering with Job Service and other agencies are NOT considered a work contact.
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