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Access to eServices Related Questions

  • I'm a Third Party Agent. I don't have an account. How do I get set up to access my client accounts?
    If you do not have a Montana UI account, you will need to work with our office to get set up as a Third Party Agent (TPA) in our system.  Send an email to uieservices@mt.gov with the following information for your business (not one of your clients):
    • Legal name
    • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
    • Mailing Address
    • Primary Contact Information (name, email and phone number)

    After the above information is received, we will contact you when your customer record has been created and provide further instructions for creating an eServices logon and submitting authorization forms to link your clients.

    To access client accounts on eServices, you will need to submit an Authorization Form for each client. 

  • There could be a couple different reasons:

    • Some email servers will stop the verification code as spam.  Add uieservicesdonotreply@mt.gov to your contacts list and request another verification code. 
    • Certain phone types, especially iPhone, will not always let a verification code through as it flags it as spam. Request to receive your verification code through email or contact your phone provider for more information on allowing verification codes to come through to your phone. 
    To change how you are receiving your verification code, call (406) 444-3834 (option 2). 
  • There are a few common reasons:

    • Double check the username you entered when asking for a password to reset your email.  If you entered it incorrectly, an email will not be sent.  Trying entering it again and resend the request for reset.  
    • Some email servers will stop the email to reset your password as spam. Add uieservicesdonotreply@mt.gov to your contacts list and request a reset again. 


  • No, never share your log in credentials with others.  

State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

  • SIDES is a convenient and secure way for employers (or their agents) to electronically receive and respond to requests for information regarding unemployment insurance benefit claims.  SIDES E-Response is accessed through UI eServices for Employers.  If you have not already signed up for eServices access, you will need to. 

    For more information review our SIDES Information Sheet

    Last Updated 5/3/21
  • To sign-up for SIDES, you simply need to provide the contact information for the person(s) who will be responsible for responding to SIDES requests.

    • Log into UI eServices for Employers and click on your account number (in blue).  Click the BENEFITS tab and the SIDES CONTACT sub-tab.  Complete the form and click SUBMIT. 

    • If have not signed up to use eServices, you will need to in order to participate in SIDES.  On the eServices home page, select SIGN UP HERE.  During the sign up process, you will be asked to provide SIDES contact information. 
    Last Updated 5/3/21
  • Log into UI eServices for Employers and click on your account number (in blue).  Click the BENEFITS tab and the SIDES REQUEST sub-tab.  Click the RESPOND link next to the SIDES request you wish to respond to. Last Updated 5/3/21
  • If you don't see the BENEFITS tab when you log into UI eServices for Employers.  It may mean that you are not currently authorized to view that information.  Contact our eServices Customer Team for assistance at (406) 444-3834 (option 2). 


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