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    Unemployment Insurance Information

    What is UI? What is expected from me? Read More

    Account Information Profile Details

    What is a PIN? How do I get a PIN? Can anyone else file my claim for me? What if my address changes? Can I use direct deposit? Read More

    Finding a Job

    Where is my local Job Service Montana office? Can you help me find a job? Read More

    What You Need to Know When Filing for Benefits

    I have filed my claim. Now what? What are my responsibilities in order to get paid? Read More

    Eligibility for Benefits

    Am I eligible for benefits? What is a Waiting Week? What may prevent me from getting paid? Read More

    Steps to Determine Your Eligibility, Amount, and Length of Benefits

    What is a Base Period? What wages are used to determine my benefit amount? What will UI look at to know if I am eligible? How much will I get paid and for how long? What is a Monetary Determination? How do job separations affect my benefits? Read More

    Payment Information

    How and when do I get paid? Are my benefits taxed? Can I stop and restart my claim? How do I get my 1099-G form? Read More

    Ongoing Eligibility Special Requirements

    What requirements do I need to meet to be eligible for (bi)weekly benefits? Do I need to apply for work? What are my work search requirements? What do I need to report while searching for work? What is Job and Union Attached? What required programs may help me return to work? Does anything change if I am unemployed for an extended period of time? Read More

    Filing (Bi)Weekly Payment Requests

    What questions must I answer when I request benefits? Read More

    Fraud Overpayments

    What is considered fraud? What are the penalties for fraud? What is an Overpayment? Will my claim be audited? Read More

    School Employment, Training or School Attendance

    How does school employment or attending school affect my claim? Read More

    Determination, Appeal Process, Requalification

    What if I disagree with the Determination, Redetermination, or Hearing Decision? How long do I have to appeal a Determination, Redetermination, or Hearing Decision? If I am disqualified, which wages can be used to requalify? Read More

    Hours Earnings and Working Part-Time

    What if I work while getting UI benefits? How do I report my earnings? Read More

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I have questions about UI? Read More

    Report my Job Applications

    What are my work search requirements? What job application information do I need to report? Read More

    Report my Hours Earnings

    How do I record and report my hours and earnings? Read More

    UI Terms

    What if there is a term I don't understand? Read More

    Legal Requirements

    Who can see my information? What can I do if I feel there has been discrimination? Read More

    How to Contact UI

    How can I reach UI? Read More

  • Changes to How You Will File for Unemployment Beginning in October 2023

    We are updating our Unemployment System to MUSE in October 2023 ...View More FAQs About This

    Am I eligible for benefits?

    We use three factors to determine your eligibility for UI benefits ...Read More

    Where do I file for benefits online?

    The Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Unemployment Insurance Division welcomes you to MontanaWorks. This service allows you to file your unemployment insurance claim, reactivate your claim, file your request for payment ...Read More

    How do I estimate the amount of benefits I will receive?

    The Unemployment Benefits Estimator is intended to be a quick reference for determining your approximate potential benefit amounts ...Read More

    Can I reach UI by phone?

    Claims Processing Center ...Read More

    How do I report my Hours & Earnings?

    Failure to accurately report that you have earned wages or worked during a week you request a benefit payment may be considered fraud ...Read More

    When and how do I get paid?

    You request payment online at for each week you want to get paid ...Read More

    Am I eligible for partial benefits?

    You may be eligible for partial benefits if your customary schedule is reduced, and you meet the following requirements ...Read More

    What is a PIN number and why do I need it?

    You must establish a 4-digit PIN, which allows secure access to your claim at This number, along with your social security number, will identify you when you access your claim ...Read More

    What steps do I take to begin searching for a job?

    Montana’s Job Service offices are your full-service, no-fee employment resource. Staff in your local Job Service Montana offices can assist you in your job search by ...Read More

    How can Montana Department of Labor and Industry help me survive a layoff?

    You’ve gotten the news that you’re being laid off and whether your last day was today or is a month from now, this website is designed to help you through this transition ...Read More

    How do I file a Work Comp Claim?

    Report all on-the-job injuries or occupational diseases to your supervisor, insurer or employer as soon as possible ...Read More

    How do I file a Wage Claim?

    Before filing, did you discuss your situation with your employer or former employer? If you haven't yet talked with your employer or former employer about the issue in dispute, do so ...Read More

    How do I report Fraud?

    UI Fraud is a crime which affects everyone. It drives up the cost of UI taxes for businesses and causes frustration for law-abiding employers and workers ...Read More

  • Throughout the pandemic, we've seen a lot of changes.  New programs, new rules, new systems and so much more.  For the latest in COVID-19 related UI news visit our COVID-19 Resources page.
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