UI Quarterly Report Voucher Specifications

Voucher Specifications

Employers, vendors and third party representatives may reproduce a replica of our voucher for their customers to utilize when sending cash or check payments.

In order for the reproduced vouchers to function properly in our new Check 21 deposit process, it is imperative those who choose to replicate the voucher follow the exact specifications outlined below. 

Testing of the replica vouchers will be required.

Please see attached PDF for a voucher example.

Voucher Specifications:

  • Total Voucher Height = 3 inches
  • Paper weight = 20lb
  • Scan Line Placement:
    • Start 3/5” from the left of the page and 3/8” from bottom of page
    • Font type must be OCR A LT
    • Font Size must be 12 pt
    • Character length must equal 44 characters
  • Scan Line Values
Name Location Length Description
ID 1-11 11 Always use the employers 7 digit MT UI Account Number (EAN) proceeded by zero’s to the total length of 11 characters.
ID Type 12-13 2 Always use the value “02” to indicate EAN.
FEIN 14-22 9 The FEIN corresponding to the above EAN. The FEIN is used for validation, however, if you do not have the FEIN you may zero fill the value.
Voucher Type 23-24 2 Always use the value “01” for Experience Rated and Governmental Accounts. For Reimbursable accounts use “04”.
Quarter End 25-32 8 The end date of the quarter being paid in MMDDYYYY format.
Check Digit 33 1 Check Digit for characters 1-32, LuhnsMod10
Letter ID 33-44 11 Set to a constant value of “L0000000000”


For questions or concerns regarding any of the changes outlined above or to begin voucher testing, please contact uieservices@mt.gov or call (406) 444-3834 and select option 2.

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